Six Key Factors of Storytelling to Achieve Marketing Communication Goals

Effective customer communication is vital in achieving long-term success for businesses.  It is attained by ensuring that the business’s product or service meets the customer’s needs. 

Customers have access to various sources to obtain information and explore options for identifying the right product or service that meets their needs in their purchase decision process.  In fact, with more customers searching online, social media, and blogs for information when they have a need, digital marketers must put an emphasis on communication goals that focus on customers and meets their needs. 

In order for digital marketers to accomplish communication goals targeted at customers, they need to utilize effective marketing strategies such as storytelling to communicate, educate, and connect with customers about their products or services and how they benefit and meet customer needs.  Storytelling is one of the most important tools marketers can use to deeply connect with their audience.  It provides marketers a way to produce quality content that will resonate with their audience and increase brand awareness, conversions, and customer loyalty.  Six key factors of storytelling that digital marketers should focus on in order to inform, remind, and persuade customers include:

  1. Know Your Target Audience:

Consider your target audiences’ (customers’) needs, their intent, interests, education, and qualitative demographics such as income.  Also, take time to understand their needs in order to ensure that your message is communicated to your audience effectively.  Compare current and past competitors and utilize tools to collect brand mentions as well as other data to determine what content delivers the best quality among target audiences and influencers.  Explore tips about customer value to understand your target audience.

  1. Stir Up Emotions:

Build a connection with the customer and make them the center of the story.  Stir up their emotions and tell the story from their point of view.  The emotion communicated with the customers from the story will be linked to the brand in the minds of the customers. 

  1. Play a Supporting Role:

Tell stories and interpret data that engages with the audience.  Make the stories believable and relatable to convert the audience into buyers.  Deeply engaging with the audience creates content that makes them pause, think, and connect to the message behind the story.

  1. Share Your Brand Values:

    Express what makes the brand unique, what it represents, what the brand is all about, and what it offers to customers.  Share the brand values, story, and convey the principles the brand was built on to connect with the audience.  Moreover, sharing the brand empowers the brand’s image.  Tell the brand’s story and communicate its voice. 

  1. Make It Personal/Have a Hook:

The story should be expressed in a way that engages the customer.  Captivate and grab the target audience’s attention.  Create a conversation and connection with the audience and keep them coming back for more. 

  1. Give a Call-to-Action:

Create stories that drive the audience to take action.  Guide the customers towards taking next steps after viewing the story content.

Storytelling is a valuable source in communicating with customers effectively.  It can be applied to all forms of media in digital marketing such as banners, landings, and social media platforms.  Storytelling helps marketers understand what is taking place in the marketplace and how that relates to the consumer, customer, company, society, and brand.  It also helps marketers meet communication goals to inform, remind, and persuade customers.  Additionally, it helps establish a brand’s identity and aids the brand stand to out from its competition.  Furthermore, storytelling helps customers identify with the brand better because the connection they have to the story makes the brand appear real and authentic to the customer.  Storytelling – innovative, inspiring, impactful.

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