Understanding Customer Journey Mapping and Its Influence in Marketing

Persuasion is a fundamental skill that marketers need to affect consumer behavior. Marketers must understand a customer’s behavior to effectively influence their behavior and purchase decision-making processes that mutually benefit both the customer and the business.  Marketers can help businesses gain better insight into customers’ attitudes and thoughts towards investing in a particular product or service, identifying market trends and competitive advantages, and allocating resources efficiently.         

Customer journey mapping is an essential tool that helps marketers understand customer behavior. According to the Salesforce UK blog about customer journey mapping, it encourages businesses to put themselves in “their customer’s shoes and see their business from the customer’s perspective.” Also, “it allows you to gain insights into common customer pain points and how to improve those.”  

Customer journey mapping illustrates the experiences customers have with a brand. It helps businesses determine how to identify and manage their customer interactions and touchpoints and products and improve customer experiences. Customer journey mapping also helps companies make better business strategy decisions and overcome challenges such as customer dissatisfaction, abandonment, and missed opportunities.

Predict Customer Behavior:

  • Customer journey mapping helps marketers anticipate their target audience’s motivations for the present and future.
  • Enables businesses to understand better their customer’s actions, goals, needs, and emotions.
  • Customer journey mapping provides insight into the customer’s experience with the brand for marketers to predict and influence customer behavior, which improves conversion rates.

Identify and Improve Customer Needs:

  • Customer journey mapping helps businesses identify the areas in which customer needs are not satisfied meaningfully. Customer journey mapping can help companies predict the needs and wants of their customers.
  • According to the Global Web Index blog by Lorna Keane, “Why Customer Journey Mapping Matters More Than Ever,”customer journey mapping helps marketers reduce risks such as “overlooking individual customers, niche audiences or shoppers” not taking the next step in the “sales funnel path” that leads to the purchase.  

Provide Personalized Customer Relationships:

  • Customer journey mapping creates personalized one-to-one customer relationships that build long-term, long-lasting relationships and increases sales.
  • Customer journey mapping helps marketers create tailored customer experiences.
  • Customer journey maps help marketers provide customers the right information they need at the right time.

Customer journey mapping is a vital and effective tool for businesses to increase growth, customer satisfaction, and success of its brand. In fact, according to the Customer Journey Mapping Research Report 2018, 71% of organizations that used customer journey mapping believed it yielded increases in customer satisfaction.  Customer journey mapping enables businesses to cultivate the right customer relationships that produce optimal results.

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