The Importance of Neuromarketing

Connecting emotionally with customers is essential for marketers to develop and achieve a successful brand. Marketers connect brands with customers by using neuroscience to identify customer wants or needs and engage customer values, forming brand loyalty.  

Neuroscience enables marketers to understand the deep meaning of customer behaviors, instincts, unconscious learned behaviors, and emotions. Neuromarketing obtains insights from neuroscience, psychology, and the way customers think. It is the study of how the brain responds to marketing, such as advertising messages, branding, and product design.  

Neuromarketing aids marketers to discover the parts of the brain that motivates customers to make decisions, what customer is thinking and feeling, and the reasoning behind customers’ decisions to measure and enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Neuromarketing also helps marketers accurately predict customer behaviors by developing empathy and gaining a deep understanding for customers to improve customer experiences.

Neuromarketing Benefits

Improve Website Performance and Design Effective Ads:
Neuromarketing provides marketers with insights to make ads effective and improve website performance by using biometric measurement technologies to collect data to learn about customer experiences to design effective ads that motivate and persuade customers to take action towards the brand.  

For instance, heatmaps can show customers’ interaction and behavior and what they view on specific webpages or ads using color-coding that represent different values to determine what captures the customer’s attention to design a compelling ad that is appealing and effective.    

Determine the Right Product or Service Pricing:
Neuromarketing enables marketers to determine if the product or service is reasonable and fair priced by assessing a customer’s perception of a product or service’s price. Neuromarketing can help measure the customer’s subconscious reactions to specific pricing.

Design Effective Product Packaging:
Neuromarketing can measure a customer’s emotional reaction to various product packaging designs and discover which product packaging appeals most to customers and evokes the most significant amount of engagement and emotion. 

Communicate Compelling Stories:
Neuromarketing helps marketers to engage customers emotionally with a brand through compelling storytelling. Storytelling can trigger emotional responses that persuade customers to care about and connect and relate with the brand.

As mentioned previously, marketers can use neuromarketing to design effective ads. Neuromarketing can measure the ads’ effectiveness to improve customer engagement and experience. For instance, Microsoft, a multinational technology company, used neuromarketing to evaluate its Xbox campaigns’ effectiveness to determine how stimulated their participant’s brain was during their 30 and 60 second TV ads versus their in-game ads on Xbox.  

According to Josie Allchin’s article about Microsoft tracking brain activity, Microsoft utilized a fitted headband that tracked the viewer’s breathing, blink, and heart rate, brain activity, skin temperature, and head motion while watching in-game ads and 30 and 60 second Kia Soul TV ads. Microsoft’s research concluded that the viewer’s brain activity spiked at repeated images of the vehicle while watching the ads via in-game advertising on Xbox Live.  Moreover, Microsoft claimed that the repeated images of the Kia Soul reinforced the advertisement’s memorability in the viewer’s minds.    

Additionally, according to Josie Allchin’s article, Microsoft’s research further concluded that the ad was successful and effective because it produced a 90% unaided brand recall rate and that participants interacted with Xbox Live ads over an average of 298 seconds.

Neuromarketing equips businesses with the wherewithal to gain a more in-depth and accurate understanding of customers’ feelings, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to provide the best quality products or services that genuinely meet and satisfy their customer’s wants and needs.

Neuromarketing connects the brand with customers in a more profound, meaningful way.

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