Optimizing Brand Storytelling Through Social Media

Brand storytelling is a creative and engaging way to connect a brand to an audience of consumers.  Social media enhances the consumer’s experience through brand storytelling by interactively capturing the consumer’s attention and sparking their curiosity through a two-way communication that compels consumers to engage with a brand conveniently.

Social Media Benefits for Brand Storytelling

Stimulates Communication About the Brand:
Brand storytelling on social media entails crafting stories in creative ways that spark and stimulate communication by engaging and increasing consumers’ emotions, memory, and value. 

The brand’s personality can be developed through brand storytelling on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram by creating and telling stories about the brand through posts, visuals such as videos or images, and hashtags utilized in tweets, for instance, to promote the brand and its products and spread the brand’s story. 

Communicating the brand’s story on social media entails visuals such as videos or images used to develop consumers’ perception of the brand.  They trigger and recall the consumer’s emotional responses when they engaged with the brand to share information about the brand with others.

Visuals are a popular and quick way to capture consumers’ attention and recall what the brand and its story are about and values.  Videos, for instance, are an integral part of the consumer’s experience to be informed and educated about the brand’s story.  According to H. Tankovska’s 2021 Statista article about online video usage, there are more than 2.6 billion digital video viewers online worldwide in 2019; anticipated the numbers could surpass 3.1 billion viewers by 2023.      

Increase Brand Awareness:
Brand storytelling through social media generates leads and enables brand exposure to consumers to learn more about the brand quickly.

Brand storytelling helps marketers increase consumer engagement on social media by creating and promoting content about the brand that captivates their attention, interest, and urges consumers to comment, retweet, like, and share its message.

Increase Brand Growth:
Brand storytelling via ads and posts on social media increases brand growth by driving traffic to its website.  Consumers can quickly obtain content shared from the brand’s website or blog on social media as soon as the stories are published.

Consumers can easily interact and engage with the brand on chats.  Brands can effectively share their brand’s story, increase their visibility, and share expertise with consumers. 

Social media enables brands to increase their sales and generate leads by collaborating with influencers on various social media platforms that create conversations about the brand’s story and product by word of mouth. 

Influencers can utilize social media that provides the opportunity to reach several consumers, go viral by potentially hundreds if not thousands of consumers instantly, and share the brand’s story and values to create a realistic, relatable, and personal experience.                 

Increase Brand Loyalty:
Brand storytelling helps marketers develop connections and build relationships with customers on social media that keep customers coming back.  The convenience, quick, and ease of access to brands through social media via various social media handles establish a personalized and favorable experience by encouraging two-way communication between the brand and consumers.  

Success Feature: Dove

Dove, a personal care brand, successfully and effectively utilizes brand storytelling on social media to engages its customers by creating an inspiring and relatable experience with the brand.  According to Kat Boogaard’s blog article about social media storytelling, Dove’s marketing strategy for their DermaSeries product line entailed using a relatable tactic that appealed to their target market by inciting emotion, specifically, empathy and encouragement.

Dove’s brand storytelling approach for their DermaSeries product line targets consumers who struggle with skin conditions such as overly dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema, which is considered a sensitive topic. Dove’s brand story is to create products their consumers can trust their skin with, and they devoted their social media channels to connect with consumers by sharing images and real stories about their customers.

Brand storytelling through social media offers a personal and engaging experience with consumers based on shared and aligned beliefs and values.  It is an effective way for consumers and brands to connect in an easy, accessible manner.  Most importantly, it is a meaningful, memorable, and mutually beneficial experience.    

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