The Ultimate Guide To Create Value-Added Content on Social Media

When connecting with customers, marketers need to create genuine and organic content that customers will perceive as valuable.  It is critical for marketers to understand better what customers consider and believe are essential to connect with customers because customer values influence their behaviors effectively.

According to H. Tankovska’s Statista article about the usage of social media, as of January 2021, there are approximately 4.2 billion people worldwide that are social media users, and it is a powerful indicator of how influential apps and websites are in customers’ daily lives, and how customers use social media.  It is also a great indication of how effective social media can be when used as a platform to connect and communicate with customers.  

Marketers can utilize social media to attract and engage with customers by delivering authentic, unique, and meaningful value-added content that resonates and persuades, and propels customers to invest in the brand, product, or service.  Value-added content helps distinguish brands from their competitors.  Value-added content can also help businesses increase brand awareness, interactions, sales, loyalty, leads, and reach.

Benefits of Value-Added Content

Build Quality Relationships Between the Brand and Customers:
Value-added content on social media enables marketers to build relationships with customers by establishing their trust in the brand and conveying the information or message.  Moreover, customers will also create positive associations with the brand.  Customers can easily share, follow, like, tweet, and comment on content with friends and family.

Generate Leads and Improve conversions:
Value-added content posts on social media influence the customer’s likelihood to make purchases because it provides customers with quality information that aids them in the purchase decision process. 

Customers determine valuable and worthwhile information and are more likely to proceed with their purchase decision by clicking the call-to-action button or link, which directs customers on their next steps.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention:
Value-added content captures the customer’s attention by creating positive experiences through consistent, quality, meaningful, relevant, and relatable information that meets their needs.  The positive experiences remind and strengthen the positive associations customers have with the brand, product, or service.

Tips: Creating Value-Added Content

Value-added content generates leads and increases sales.  According to Joshua Rystedt’s article about the types of value-added content to increase leads and sales, some of the most effective kinds of value-added content include:

Blogs enable a business to share relevant content and valuable information about its services and brand.  It is an effective way to drive traffic to the company or brand’s website, obtain brand recognition, increase brand awareness, and give the brand a voice. 

Customers are educated about a specific topic and interests and opinions and can be shared products and market trends relevant and of interest to a targeted audience.

Infographics are essential in presenting information to an audience visually.  Infographics provide customers a quicker and compelling way to obtain information. 

They help simplify data or complex information by focusing on specific data from reputable sources and presenting the data using creative, colorful tools such as images, graphics, images, and charts to increase brand recall and help customers retain information.  Infographics enable data presentation in a persuasive, clear, and more accessible way for customers to understand.

Course Hero, an American education technology and online learning platform web-based company, utilizes infographics to make learning accessible and easier for its customers.  Course Hero creates infographics that serve as visual aids to help customers connect, recall, and understand information.  For instance, infographics are used in course notes, test and study preparation resources, and visual CliffsNotes or detailed famous literary works.  Additionally, Course Hero uses infographics to increase brand awareness and illustrate a brand’s value to customers.

Key Takeaway
Creating value-added content provides brands with the opportunity to engage and interact with the brand that customers can easily share, follow, like, tweet, and comment content with friends and family.

Capture the customer’s attention with added-value content utilizing infographics or videos to communicate information, educate customers about the brand, its benefits, and what the brand offers. 

Value-added content establishes a foundation for meaningful, impactful, and valuable relationships with customers that increase sales and growth, generate leads, and attract new customers.

Value-added content on social media should be unique, creative, compelling, meaningful, and consistent to enable the brand to distinguish the brand from competitors and keep the brand in the customer’s mind. Value-added content on social media connects a brand with customers in a valuable way that is mutually beneficial for both the brand and its customers. It effectively helps brands succeed and achieve optimal results—value-added content – innovative, engaging, compelling. 

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By Natalie Simpson | | Instagram: @natURordinary

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