The Significance of Content Marketing and Building Customer Relationships on Social Media

Connecting with customers is key to developing a successful and profitable brand.  Customers connect with brands they believe are relevant and beneficial in satisfying their needs and wants. 

Marketers must capitalize on using powerful resources and platforms such as social media to create and share content to help businesses and their brands engage and interact with customers through content marketing.  Content marketing entails creating, sharing, communicating, and promoting a brand with content to attract and maintain potential customers or a targeted audience.  

Content marketing effectively helps to help businesses connect with customers to develop a profitable brand and achieve success and optimal results.  According to the 2021 Statista article by Statista’s Research Department, in 2019, content marketing revenue reached $42.15 billion US worldwide and grew 14.4 percent, approximately $36.8 billion compared to the previous year.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Cultivates Customer Relationships, Loyalty, and Engagement:
Content marketing builds valuable relationships between a brand and customers.  It increases customer engagement by recognizing, remembering, or recalling the brand through appealing and personalized, relevant content.  Moreover, content marketing communicates the brand values, builds the customer’s trust in the brand, and encourages its loyalty. 

Increase Lead Generation, Conversions, and Sales:
Content marketing focuses on conveying the brand message with quality, compelling content to increase reach, customer interactions, and lead generation.  It enables marketers to understand and gain insights about customers and capture the right customers’ attention to increase conversions and sales.  Content marketing helps attract a targeted audience interested in the brand or product with specific content that converts the audience into customers investing in the brand or product, increasing sales.

Increases Brand Awareness:
Content marketing increases brand awareness by educating customers about the business or brand’s services and products and how they help satisfy the customer’s needs and wants and solve their problems.  Providing customers with valuable information they need through content demonstrates their knowledge and expertise within the industry.

For instance, GoPro, Inc., an American technology manufacturer of action cameras and developer of video-editing software and mobile apps, appeals to customers who enjoy and have an interest in adventure sports.  Customers engage with the brand by using the brand’s cameras to capture their adventures in breathtaking, striking, and dangerous locations and sharing videos they create of their thrilling experiences with others on social media. 

GoPro utilizes their customer’s content or user-generated content as content marketing to promote their brand’s products, capabilities, and effectiveness in action.  It is a creative and cost-effective method also to increase brand awareness, sales, and profitability.  In fact, according to a Stackla article, customers believe user-generated content is genuine and authentic; 79% of customers state that it dramatically impacts and influences their purchase decisions. 

GoPro expanded its marketing campaign efforts by developing the “Million Dollar Challenge,” in which customers entered a contest for an opportunity to win one million dollars by submitting their videos, thus generating free, accessible, enticing, and effective marketing content.  The marketing campaign was successful in increasing customer reach and engagement.  According to Jinnie’s blog article about a case study on GoPro’s Million Dollar Challenge campaign, GoPro achieved an 8.1% engagement rate, 70 million engagements, and its reach exceeded 857 million consumers.

Key Takeaway

Content marketing promotes customers’ opportunities to become brand ambassadors and advocates through their consistent interactions and engagement with the brand. 

Connecting with the right customers entails developing the right content by understanding their desires, needs, wants, and expectations.  Moreover, marketers can attain customer insights to better understand customers by developing customer or buyer personas representing a realistic interpretation of an ideal customer based on a targeted audience, focusing on the customer, how the brand satisfies their needs, and finding solutions to the customer’s problems.

Consistency is essential in maintaining the brand’s relevance to the customer in various channels and conversations, reminding customers of its values, message, and benefits.

Content marketing is a vital and effective method of connecting with customers, build relationships and trust in the brand.  Content marketing provides opportunities for customers to interact and engage with the brand that creates a personal experience for the customer and educates them about the brand’s product or services and its benefits that meet their expectations by satisfying their needs and wants and is the best fit solution to their problems.  Content marketing focuses on the customer, which enables customers to feel valued thus perceive the relevance or significance of the brand and what the brand has to offer.

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By Natalie Simpson | | Instagram: @natURordinary

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