The Significance of Process Improvement in Marketing

Operating a successful business today entails strategic planning, innovation, developing and improving business processes, communications, and relationships between an organization and its customers.  As technological advances continue to emerge and transform the competitive landscape, organizations must retain their competitive positioning by providing customers with products and services that satisfy their desires, wants, and needs.

A customer-centric focused approach is an integral part of a business strategy to achieve success and optimal results because they invest in products and services.  According to a PwC article about customer experience, 73% of customers believe experience is a significant factor in their decisions towards purchases.  Therefore, businesses need to consider the improvement process for the products or services provided to their customers. 

A customer-centric focused approach is a strategy that places customers at the center of the organization’s operations and focuses on fostering the best experience for its customers.  Businesses must consider, assess, and analyze their current environment and determine the factors that impact and contribute to their product or service improvement process.  It entails implementing digital customer experience strategies that improve and optimize communication channels and processes to create efficiencies and better meet customer needs. 

Key Insight

In the government sector, the factors that primarily impact and contribute to the organization’s improvement process are the availability of federal and state funding and resource allocation.  For instance, the government sector’s supplemental nutrition program acquires its federal funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service.  The allocated funds are in the form of an annual grant award administered by state health agencies.  It is critical for the agency to utilize its funds efficiently and effectively by improving processes and outcomes to achieve optimal results and secure its positioning to acquire additional funding. 

The government sector’s supplemental nutritional program integrated technology in its service improvement process to improve customer experiences and communications with its clients or customers regarding its services.  For instance, in place of checks and vouchers, the agency integrated the electronic benefits transfer (EBT) to improve the customer shopping experience and the efficiency of the customer’s usage of all of their prescribed benefits within their benefit period.  Additionally, the agency developed an app to assist customers in keeping track of their prescribed benefits, appointments, and access to resources such as clinic or office for select services such as breastfeeding or lactation support and nutrition education and authorized store locations where they can redeem their prescribed benefits and complete store purchases.  The integration of EBT and app in the agency’s service improvement process contributed to improved outcomes with increased client or customer engagement and redemptions by 95%.

Key Takeaway

Marketers must incorporate process improvement to increase customer satisfaction, time management, resource allocation, and the organization’s bottom line. 

Process improvement entails identifying bottlenecks and blockages in processes that hinder an organization’s ability to achieve optimal results.  It enables marketers to develop strategies that focus on customers and their experiences and interactions with the business’s products or services and enhance the customer journey by eliminating or reducing steps that do not add value to the customer and their journey. 

Process improvement enables marketers to explore strategies and redesign processes that integrate technology to improve communication and customer experience and aid businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.

Process improvement is a continuous effort for businesses to thrive and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors in an evolving competitive landscape.  Process improvement enables organizations to develop, redesign, and enhance processes strategically to cultivate valuable customer experiences that customers desire to satisfy and meet their wants and needs and achieve optimal results. 

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