Six Key Digital Media Channel Online Promotion Techniques in Digital Marketing

Digital media channels are essential tools for reaching, attracting, and appealing to customers to interact and engage with a brand and communicating the brand’s message and values, products, or services to consumers or target audience online effectively. As a result, they aid businesses to increase their reach, sales, maximize profits, and meet their marketing goals and objectives.   

According to Dave Chaffey and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick’s book, Digital Marketing Strategy, Implementation, and Practice (7th ed., 2019), digital media channels entail online promotion techniques such as online partnerships, online public relations, online advertising, search engine, and email marketing, and social media marketing to incite customers or target audience to invest a brand’s products or services and visit a brand’s website. 

Six Key Online Promotion Techniques

Online Partnerships:
Online partnerships entail establishing and managing longstanding or lasting arrangements or relationships promoting online services utilizing email communications or third-party sites.  They consist of influencer outreach and co-marketing, online sponsorships, co-branding, link-building, price comparison sites, and affiliate marketing or commission-based referrals.

Online Public Relations:
Online public relations consist of reputation management, link-building, blogging, influencer outreach that is cost-effective, suitable for targeting and can help with search engine optimization (SEO) through backlinks. 

For instance, influencer outreach enables businesses to create content, maximize positive mentions about the brand, the organization, and their products or website on social media networks, media sites, blogs that their target audience would most likely visit.    

Online Advertising:
Online advertising such as rich media ads, videos, and banners on social network sites can aid businesses in enhancing click-throughs to their targeted site and achieve brand awareness.  Online advertising also aids businesses in marketing tactics such as retargeting efforts, reminding consumers or target audiences about their brand interactions.

Search Engine Marketing:
Search engine marketing incorporates content marketing and SEO to generate quality audiences to a website and improve pay-per-click ads and listings that feature a business on display networks and sponsored listings of search engines. 

Search engine marketing helps businesses promote their brand and gain visibility on search engines to increase click-throughs to their website when consumers conduct searches of specific keywords or phrases and deliver relevant content to consumers in the search listings.

Email Marketing:
Email marketing is effective in helping businesses communicate with customers and includes methods such as event-triggered ads and emails in third-party e-newsletters, co-branded emails, and in-house lists.  In-house lists and ads in third-party e-newsletters aid businesses with customer retention and activation. 

Social Media Marketing:
Social media marketing is a technique that helps businesses engage and reach their targeted audiences on various social media networks and the business’ site by developing and sharing creative content and concepts that are conveyed by viral marketing and word-of-mouth online.  Social media marketing is a cost-effective technique for reaching many consumers or target audiences at a reasonably low cost. 

Success Feature: Casper Sleep Inc.

Casper Sleep Inc. is an online e-commerce company headquartered in New York City that sells mattresses and sleep products in retail locations and online.  Casper Sleep Inc. launched its business as an online mattress startup company in 2014.  In 2015, Casper Sleep collaborated with influencer Kylie Jenner to promote their brand and mattresses on Instagram.  Casper Sleep also gained additional brand promotions from YouTube influencers who shared videos of unpackaging their new Casper mattress out of the box upon receipt.  The online promotion techniques utilized, such as influencers and social media marketing, and online public relations, resulted in 870,000 likes from Kylie Jenner’s Instagram post in March 2015.

Moreover, Casper Sleep is a leading online mattress retailer and billion-dollar company today.  Casper Sleep founders anticipated that they would sell approximately $1.8 million worth of mattresses in their first year of launching; however, they surpassed their predictions and generated this extraordinary amount within two months.  Consequently, this success attracted more investors, such as celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher, Nas, Leonardo DiCaprio, which helped promote the brand through word-of-mouth and helped the brand go viral.   

Key Takeaway

Digital media channels are vital to attracting and reaching consumers to interact and engage with a brand and an effective way for businesses to communicate their products or services, values, and message to a targeted audience of consumers.

Digital media channels drive traffic to the brand and site efficiently and effectively and provide meaningful and relevant content to customers to increase reach, engagement, brand awareness, conversions, leads, and sales.

Digital media allows businesses to reach customers or target audiences at their critical touchpoints in the customer journey and purchase decision-making process when making product considerations and researching products online.

The use of online promotion techniques through digital media channels can help minimize waste similar to those encountered from traditional media marketing methods when the displayed ads were unsuccessful in converting and compelling the customer toward investing in the brand, product, or service. 

Online promotion techniques enable businesses to build customer relationships and communicate their message, values, and products or services efficiently and effectively through various digital media channels.  Online promotion techniques are cost-effective or paid or low-cost methods that encourage a mutually beneficial communication exchange between a brand or business and its customers.  It allows organizations to maximize their profits and sales, meet their marketing campaign objectives and goals, and remain competitive in their industry while providing customers with an engaging and personalized experience while satisfying and fulfilling their desires, needs, and wants.  

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